Cornish Apple Trees

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From a single tree to a whole orchard.

Cornwall has an exceptionally rich heritage in the cultivation of unique  apple varieties in order to cope with the localised climate and soils found in the County. Using traditional grafting techniques we have been at the forefront of continuing fruit tree planting in Cornwall.

 We specialise in Orchard restoration and Orchard management , Orchard Planting, Orchard designing, Orchard pruning and the renovating  of old trees .

Although many of the apple trees can cope with relatively well with the harsh Cornish climate - An effective windbreak must not be overlooked. Indeed a hedge of nitrogen fixing plants together with fast growing species can help your trees to establish much quicker. 

Wildflower  meadows

Assistance in the planting of companion species, from the best grass seed, Cornish daffodil varieties through to tree species which help nurse the younger trees.

Pruning services using horticulturalists specially qualified in the pruning of fruit trees, or training in pruning techniques on your trees to enjoy the  best  from your tree in beauty and fruit supply.

For Cornish hedgerow maintenance and wildlife Landscaping.