Cornish Apple Trees

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Planting Times

The container grown stock at Cornish Apple trees may be planted at any time of the year apart from the Summer. Fruit trees and flowering trees transplant best soon after leaf fall from mid November untill the buds start to burst in March. Roses and other deciduous shrubs also transplant readily November to mid March.


Be aware of fruit trees that are sold in the spring, that have been potted and not pot grown. If they are planted when in leaf or coming into flower, the trees can lay dormant or die from shock as the roots are disturbed and cannot support the tree . Autumn is the best time to plant bareroot or potted fruit trees so that when it starts growing its already in place and no disturbance to the roots is caused.

If you cant find what your looking for, here is a list of other growers of Cornish and national varieties of fruit trees recommended by Cornish Apple Trees.

Adam's Apples

Thornhayes Nursery


Always check the type of rootstock before you buy a tree.

Rootstocks are used to control the height and vigour of fruit trees. They also determine the time of cropping after planting and also the maximum yield when mature.The rootstocks to avoid for Cornwall are M27 which is extremely dwarf i have found this dosent thrive and cope with the conditions and elements of Cornwall.

Rootstocks to use for Cornwall.

M26  Good for the smaller area but will need permenant staking not ideal for very exposed areas. Height approx 10-12 ft first crop in the  3rd-4th year max crop 5th-6th year.

MM106 The best average garden choice which is what I use to graft most of the Cornish varieties, as it can be grown as a half standard tree or bush or even cordon or espalier  The height can be controlled and it seems to be the one that thrives  even in the most exsposed sites of the county. Height approx 15-18ft first crop 3rd-4th year max  5th-6th year.

M25 The large full standard tree can be difficult to care for, reaching a height approx 20-25ft first crop 5th-6th year max crop 7th-8th year. Plenty of space is needed for this rootstock. 



Made out to be alot more difficult than it is.