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“The trees shall be my books and in their barks my thoughts I'll character”
W. Shakespeare

All aspects of tree maintenance and hedge cutting undertaken, at competitive prices by local, qualified, insured tree surgeons.

Contracting and Consultancy.
Commercial and Domestic.
Our team of arborists are ready to provide practical tree solutions and planning advice.
Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Area Conveyance.
Inspired by nature we deliver comprehensive tree care, managed in line with Health and Safety, Conservation and Customer Satisfaction.
All tree surgery carried out in accordance with British Standard 3998 Tree work – Recommendations.
Tree Inspections, hazard assessments and reports.
Woodland management plans and surveys.
Health and safety - safe working practices
• Utilizing modern arboricultural techniques
• Safest working processes
• Using lowering rope system to control where branches land

Fallen Trees
Windblown or fallen trees can be more dangerous to remove than standing ones due to the unknown or unquantifiable tension and compression levels within the trunk. For this reason it is best to seek our professional help in removing these trees.

Generally, trees develop in balance with their environment both above and below ground but our need to manage them can result from the natural processes of growth and dieback or from the effects of damage caused by severe weather, pests or diseases.

Resolution pruning can be achieved by tree works such as:

Removal of lower branches to clear buildings or increase space underneath the tree.

Crown Reduction (or Branch Reduction)

Crown reduction is used to reduce the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree by the removal of the ends of branches whilst maintaining the tree's natural shape as far as practicable.
Tree crown thinning is the selective removal of small, live branches from throughout the tree crown to increase light penetration and air movement.
The intent is to maintain a tree’s structure and form while making the overall tree crown less dense and congested.

Removal of entire trees of any size and location safely, carefully and without damage.

Removal of deadwood, broken or rubbing branches.

Seen on many street trees throughout Cornwall, useful to retain trees in a confined space or with major defects.

Young trees need to be pruned to produce a mature specimen free from any significant physical weakness.

Use of braces and supports often in conjunction with pruning to retain trees unsuitable for major surgery.


The cutting down of a tree within 300 mm (12 in) of the ground at regular intervals (typically on a one to five year rotation). Traditionally applied to certain species such as Ash, Hazel and Sweet Chestnut to provide stakes, poles, firewood etc.

Retained for habitat or as a feature, coppiced for re-growth.
Use of herbicide to prevent re-growth.
Stump grinding for removal.

Hedge trimming, topping and maintenance in line with species requirements, wildlife and shading problems (High Hedges Law 2003)
Hedge laying as a traditional management technique and for nature conservation.


Working closely with local authority tree officers we aim to provide a sensible solution to the often opposing needs of private interest and public planning restrictions.
We realize that tree issues can be very personal and must not be bound up in red tape.
Our team of experienced arborists can give advice on planning and process your applications for you.
Planning conditions may require replacement planting if a protected tree is felled, success of such new plantings need to consider location, species and the reason the original tree was felled in the first place.

Land owners have a duty of care to ensure their trees are managed in a safe and responsible manner.
Our inspections aim to identify any significant structural defects or other symptoms that may for see ably cause an individual tree, or part of it, to fail and cause harm.
A common sense approach to acceptable risk avoids unnecessary tree works.
Through tree surveys we may examine many trees a day, as climbing arborists we may make many cuts with a chainsaw a day. It is this dichotomy that brings together the theoretical and the practical. Although the damage chainsaws have done to the worlds’ tree population they have also made it possible to open up trees and see how they work and it is in knowing how they work that we may care for them.

From single standard trees to hedges and future woodlands, our team can prepare the site and give advice on soil type, species choice, position and growth.
An ‘After Care Programme’ is essential to the success of any new planting and should include:
Guarding against damage by animals and strimmers.
Mulching to retain moisture and control weeds.
Staking to support young trees at the correct height as they grow.
Formative pruning to produce a mature tree free of significant structural defects.

Felling Licenses, SSSI and Site of Ancient Monument restrictions on felling, coppicing, pest and diseases and wildlife we can provide advice whether your priorities are timber production, conservation, game or recreation.
Management plans designed to maximise yield and bio diversity depending on structure, species and age.
Part of Cornwall’s unique beauty is in its many diverse habitats, through local knowledge we can provide site specific advice.
Phytophthora constraints and practical solutions.

All of the resulting brushwood and logs will be returned to our recycling centre awaiting conversion to firewood. All sweepings and sawdust will be transferred to our compost pile to be used for our tree planting schemes during the November – March planting season.

01209 891726 Sam Goodwin

Sam Goodwin
Level 3 Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture
Institute of Chartered Foresters Associate Level 2

We use Biodegradable oil in all our saws.

"Skilled, conscientious, good humored and hard working, they are a
pleasure to work with and to have on site."

Simon Blackburn
Managing Director link

Chris Gladwell-Accountant Redruth.

"I have used Sam as a tree surgeon for some years now. He provides an
excellent service. He has proved himself reliable, un-phased by all tasks
asked of him, professional, tidy and damage to surrounding trees absolutely
negligible. He is very highly recommended."