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Seedling Spotlight : Lidless Moorei

Cornish Apple – A very special seed recently germinated. It may not look like much now, but this is one that I’m pretty excited about. As some of you may know, I’m into strange and interesting looking plants.

This recent sprout is no exception and is one that I’m really looking forward to watching develop. The parentage uses two lidless plants – S. leucophylla ‘Bris’ as the pod parent and the pollen parent is S. flava “lidless giant.” (Photos of the parents below.) This is the second successful pollination I’ve done using S. ‘Bris’ as a pod parent. In 2020 I successfully crossed the strange lidless leuco with S. flava var. ornata – lidless.

That year there was only ONE seed in that pod. That one did germinate — but unfortunately that seedling died shortly after germination. It was due to my neglect though. Hashtag facepalm. I had left town for a few days and that seedling got cooked outdoors during a heat wave. Perfect timing, am I right? Lesson learned. This year I’m playing it safe growing these seeds under lights until they’re large enough to go outdoors. Only five seeds came out of this cross this year. As of 15 Dec 2021, three out of five have germinated. It is still very early but I’m glad that there was something that came out of that cross. Stay tuned, I’ll post updates on how they develop here.
Hope everyone out there is doing well. Stay safe, stay healthy. Happy growing!

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